Connecting with IDEUM

Ideum is a creative company focused on using emerging technologies to design public installations and products that lead to meaningful visitor experiences.

Ideum is a creative company that produces interactive touch displays and touch tables for restaurants, museums, and more. The bulk of the final product is sourced locally and manufactured in New Mexico. So when you buy one of Ideum’s products, chances are you’ve helped another company in New Mexico grow – and when New Mexico’s people and businesses thrive, so does our state!

About WeConnectNM

WeConnectNM is about connecting people, building networks, and growing communities. WeConnectNM showcases New Mexico as an exceptional place to build and grow a business, enjoy a thriving career, and raise a family – all while enjoying the state’s unique quality of life. We seek to present the New Mexico public with a positive narrative of New Mexico and its small businesses who are thriving, creating jobs, and opportunities in the state.