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Helping locals start their businesses by giving them funding, assistance, etc…even if they lack credit.

“Our family is heavily intertwined with not just this institution but New Mexico as an institution” passionately said by Greg Levenson, third generation owner of the local bank Southwest Capital bank. Greg inherited the family business that originally his grandfather, S.D Levenson, and other investors took over in the 1960’s. S.D. immigrated to west Texas and became a traveling salesman. While traveling for work, he often would stop in local New Mexican communities which he would eventually fall in love with. With that love, S.D. decided to move his family to New Mexico and start a life there after purchasing the bank with other investors. The love for these communities continues today with Greg. Greg explains how the acronym C.A.R.E is important to his bank. C, which stands for community, is very important. Living in the community, being a part of their lives, and understanding the locals needs help stand them apart from other banks. A, which stands for accountability, and knowing your neighbors are giving you their life savings and in trusting you to do the right thing. R, for relationships, and personally know your customers. He understands his customers’ abilities and reputations. Knowing his customers personally goes hand in hand with E, Entrepreneurial Spirit. Greg often helps locals start their businesses with giving them funding, assistance, etc. even if they lack credit. Greg and his bank strides to help local businesses.

Greg states that “it is important to me that New Mexico is a place that people want to live because I got two little people that I want to live here.” Greg further explains his hopes that his children one day, who are currently still in grade school, will eventually take over the family business and become the fourth generation to work at the bank. Like his children, Greg was born and raised in New Mexico. His first job was with his family’s bank at the age of 10. He would later go away for college, but then come back home within 30 days of graduating. Greg voiced “I love New Mexico! I think New Mexico is the land of enchantment.” He explains that although there is some things New Mexicans can change and make better, New Mexico is a great place for entrepreneurs and there is “tremendous” opportunities here. There are more things to love about New Mexico. The food, the four different seasons, and particularly the culture. The culture is unique to the world and specifically the United States. Greg loves his community and especially the people who live in it. As a banker, he is honored to help his community and to be a part of their everyday lives. He ends with “I think the opportunity is here and there is an opportunity across the board. An opportunity to make a difference for those who want to be involved.”

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WeConnectNM is about connecting people, building networks, and growing communities. WeConnectNM showcases New Mexico as an exceptional place to build and grow a business, enjoy a thriving career, and raise a family – all while enjoying the state’s unique quality of life. We seek to present the New Mexico public with a positive narrative of New Mexico and its small businesses who are thriving, creating jobs, and opportunities in the state.