Invested in New Mexico

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for all New Mexicans to obtain an excellent education in the health sciences. We will advance health sciences in the most important areas of human health with a focus on the priority health needs of our communities. As a majority-minority state, our mission will ensure that all populations in New Mexico have access to the highest quality health care.

In addition to UNM HSC’s long-recognized role as New Mexico’s leader in providing health care to its uniquely diverse population, its staff – from physicians and nurses to professors and the center’s leadership – is dedicated to making sure New Mexicans in all parts of the state have access to quality, cutting-edge health care when and where they need it. Our influence continues to grow through innovative medical research that reaches every corner of the globe.

Economic Development at the HSC

The Executive Vice Chancellor’s Office provides leadership in many areas of the UNM Health Sciences Center, one of which is promoting economic development that starts at UNM and spreads throughout the state and beyond. The EVC’s office has created and oversees the following initiatives designed to strengthen New Mexico’s economy.

Healthy Neighborhoods Albuquerque is an initiative for ANCHOR institutions to buy local, hire local and support business development in underinvested neighborhoods. The goal is to increase “Main Street” jobs. This project was initiated by the UNM HSC and includes six members. Each anchor has projects of their own, but there are two major joint projects, Operation: Carrots and a hiring pipeline.

This sort of initiative is being tried by other hospitals in other cities as well. The premise is that 50% or less of a person’s health or a community’s health relates to the health care. The rest relates to their education, jobs, living environment, etc. If we improve their socioeconomic status we will increase their health and decrease health costs.

A check-up on New Mexico’s health care workforce

The center is charged with tracking the ebb and flow of the number of health care providers throughout New Mexico. It’s also tasked with studying our state’s difficulty in recruiting and retaining doctors, nurses, surgeons and other health care professionals.

In 2012, the Health Care Work Force Data Collection, Analysis and Policy Act, became a state law that called for the following:

  • Licensure boards are required to develop surveys on practice characteristics.
  • Licensure data was directed to UNM HSC for stewardship and storage.
  • Establishing the New Mexico Health Care Workforce Committee, to include statewide constituents.
  • The committee is required to evaluate workforce needs and make recommendations.

The committee has produced a series of reports on the state of health care workers in New Mexico.

Growing technology

The GrowBio initiative aims to unite public and private sectors to push biotechnology to the forefront of New Mexico’s economy. By providing new, high-paying jobs, this initiative is aimed at improving the lives of New Mexicans.

A recent comprehensive report suggests that New Mexico’s current biotechnology development and recommendations are ripe for expanding current businesses and encouraging new businesses to plant roots here. So far, UNM can take credit for 38 biotech startups that have launched since 2004.

How it all began

Led by Richard S. Larson, Executive Vice Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, the GrowBio working group came together in February 2016 with the vision of creating an ideal environment to nurture the growth of biotechnology businesses in our state. The group’s mission is to identify and advance strategies, and to increase awareness and support for our state’s bioscience sector among public decision makers, capital investors and in the wider community.

Local business owners and health sciences leaders realize that our state has many assets that would enable the bioscience industry to play a more prominent role in our economy. A more vibrant bioscience sector in New Mexico would benefit other sectors such as:

  • Construction
  • Design and planning
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Banking
  • Information technology
  • Legal services


  • Agilvax
  • Biophagy, Inc.
  • Dekker/Perich/Sabatini | Architecture, Design, Inspiration
  • Bridgers & Paxton Consulting Engineers
  • GEN5 Development, LLC
  • Maestas Development Group
  • Mathis Shinnick
  • New Mexico Gas Company
  • Peacock Myers, PC – Patent & Intellectual Property Lawyers
  • Solaran Rx
  • US Bank
  • Yearout Mechanical
  • The BioScience Center
  • NM Bio
  • Technology Ventures Corporation
  • Verge Fund
  • City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department
  • New Mexico Economic Development Department
  • Sandia National Labs
  • Sandia Science & Technology Park
  • Arrowhead Center
  • New Mexico State University
  • University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center

The University of New Mexico Clinical and Translational Science Center provides a variety of opportunities for faculty, students and the community to learn about efforts in advancing the biotech sector in New Mexico through a new program called NMBioventure.

Sparking Innovation

From training and education to mini-sabbaticals and networking gatherings, NMBioventure is providing new opportunities. Some of them are:

  • The UNM Clinical and Translational Science Center brings undergraduates and graduate students in both the UNM Health Sciences Center and the UNM School of Engineering together in the Biodesign Program.
  • The CTSC also provides training in development of intellectual property (invention disclosures and patents), licensing, small business start-ups and NIH grants (SBIR/STTR) applications. 
  • Synergy meetings cover areas such as new technology, protecting intellectual property and learning about entrepreneurship. The meetings bring together basic, clinical and translational researchers as well as core directors, members of the local biotech community, and scientists from Sandia National Laboratories.
  • The CTSC has developed a novel program with the NM Angel Investors, a New Mexico-based group of individuals focused on investing in early-stage companies across the country. The NM Angel Investors provide an avenue for UNM HSC research investigators to present early-stage ideas for investment and commercialization.
  • UNM HSC faculty meet new people and network at mixers with the local business community.

How Can I Do Business with UNMHSC?

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What is the UNMHSC Economic Impact?

1.6 Billion

The number of dollars UNM HSC contributes annually to the state’s economy.

161 Million

Last fiscal year, the UNM HSC’s biomedical research was awarded this amount in grants from the National Institutes of Health and other entities.

19,500 Jobs

The estimated number of jobs generated throughout the state by UNM HSC.

New Mexico Investment Overview

UNM HSC makes a substantial economic contribution to the local economy. UNM’s Bureau of Business & Economic Research estimates that this contribution amounts to $1.7 billion in labor and non-labor spending annually.

What are POs?

A purchase order (PO) is a commercial document and first official offer issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. It is used to control the purchasing of products and services from external suppliers.

What are P-Cards?

A Purchasing Card (P‑Card) is a type of Commercial Card that allows organizations to take advantage of the existing credit card infrastructure to make electronic payments for a variety of business expenses (e.g., goods and services). In the simplest terms, a P-Card is a charge card, similar to a consumer credit card. However, the card-using organization must pay the card issuer in full each month, at a minimum. P-Cards are also known as Procurement Cards (ProCards), Payment Cards, Purchase Cards or similar terms.

Reporting on $50,489,675.91

PO Spend Break Down: $37,465,975.22

PO Spend Overview: $34,624,296.34

PO Spend Overview Line Item Breakdown:

Services $34,624,296.34
Equipment $1,024,707.21
Supplies $565,209.95
Reimbursements $549,180.90
Vehicles $412,799.96
Participant Fees $90,556.72
Real Estate $57,965.00
Membership Dues $50,494.55
Conference Fees $25,537.06
Payments to Gov’t/Agent Entities (taxes, fees) $23,986.19
Building Improvement $19,409.29
Awards/Promotional $15,000.72
Honorarium $6,681.33
Subscriptions $150.00

PO Services Overview: $34,624,296.34

PO Services Spend Overview Line Item Breakdown:

Construction – Facilities Planning $13,996,651.58
Construction – PPD $4,226,705.07
Medical/Dental $1,818,327.97
Utilities $1,654,876.23
Maintenance – Building $1,330,016.15
Maintenance – Grounds/Industrial $1,167,350.34
Training $1,144,838.16
Engineering $1,088,280.08
Industrial $916,076.14
Legal $875,365.75
Architectural $818,238.90
Lab/Research $782,428.23
Removal $436,777.88
Fire/Safety/Security $425,004.81
Leases/ Real Estate $343,279.15
Audio/Visual $330,433.90
Employment $311,283.52
Website Design and Related $299,855.56
Maintenance – Computer/Data/Telecom $282,579.16
Classroom/Instructional $268,441.60
Moving/Transportation $250,420.85
Analysis-Samples $247,984.12
Data Network/Telecom Services $216,946.51
Maintenance – Equipment $190,850.22
Advertising $174,912.03
Printing/Publication/Copying $152,655.50
Grounds/Landscaping $111,161.62
Art Related $108,262.42
Lodging/Meeting Space $97,690.33
Entertainment $80,533.44
Maintenance/Technical $78,803.69
Catering/Food/Beverage $60,723.95
Software Subscriptions/Licenses $44,115.92
Rental-Equipment/Supplies $37,430.41
Maintenance – Audio/Visual $35,202.53
Custodial/Janitorial $34,401.43
Library $22,005.00
Rental-Storage $21,264.90
Real Estate Appraisal $18,663.84
Banking $14,512.50
Removal – Hazardous $14,406.22
Maintenance – Automobile $13,838.42
Travel $13,160.94
Insurance $10,659.52
Subcontracts $9,325.00
Maintenance – Equipment, Lab/Research $9,100.47
Consulting $7,345.68
Leases/Rentals – Equipment $6,546.45
Auditing/Financial $5,899.33
Maintenance $5,726.63
Food Management $4,026.09
Courier/Parcel $2,273.75
Interior Furnishings $2,121.45
Records Archival $1,995.00
Laundry $1,359.00
Leases/Ground $1,161.00

PO Equipment Spend Overview: $1,024,707.21

PO Equipment Spend Overview Line Item Breakdown:

Audio/Visual $225,223.04
Lab/Research (Complex) – CAPITAL $125,000.00
Computer – Capital $116,588.93
Computer $111,344.78
Audio/Visual – CAPITAL $101,895.48
Furniture – CAPITAL $98,464.10
Furniture $72,531.69
Athletic – CAPITAL $44,488.50
Modular Furniture $35,007.99
Medical/Clinical – CAPITAL $30,119.00
Industrial – CAPITAL $26,247.00
Appliances – CAPITAL $14,569.21
Medical/Clinical $6,900.00
Telecommunications/Radio $6,238.16
Industrial $4,926.72
Lab/Research $1,115.00
Grounds/Landscaping $569.82
Office $57.00

PO Supplies Spend Overview: $565,209.95

PO Supplies Spend Overview Line Item Breakdown:

Construction $200,187.91
Software $79,044.95
Fire/Safety/Security $60,291.59
Gases $52,043.16
Computer $35,000.00
Instructional $28,585.19
Lab/Research $27,806.66
Food/Beverage $25,506.42
Uniforms/Clothing $15,819.19
Building $10,290.42
Art/Theatre $8,594.51
Photographic $5,580.25
Books/Publications/Periodicals $5,498.25
Liquid Fuel – HAZARDOUS $5,088.30
Electrical $2,569.17
Automotive $1,152.00
Office $988.21
Postage/Mailing $937.77
Printing $226.00

PCARD Spend Break Down: $13,023,700.69

Heating, Plumbing, Air Conditioning Cont $804,947.07
Caterers $788,062.60
Legal Services, Attorneys $675,436.29
Advertising Services $655,872.61
Commercial Furniture $611,771.05
Electrical Parts And Equipment $539,496.80
General Contractors-Residential $468,639.67
Miscellaneous And Retail Stores $426,229.67
Industrial Supplies Not Eslewhere Classi $408,165.67
Miscellaneous Publishing & Printing $383,481.77
Business Services Not Elsewhere Classifi $327,542.28
Miscelleneous Apparel And Accessory Stor $283,026.87
Colleges, Universities, Professional Sch $243,184.38
Miscellaneous Personal Services $229,295.66
Grocery Stores, Supermarkets $225,895.64
Member Financial Institution-Manual Cash $223,098.40
Commercial Equipment, Not Elsewhere Clas $222,989.54
Cable, Satellite & Other Pay Tv/Radio Se $211,772.10
Automated Fuel Dispensers $180,074.25
Eating Places, Restaurants $178,176.18
Special Trade Contractors $174,011.06
Home Supply Warehouse Stores $172,686.29
Electronic Sales $163,338.00
Office, Photographic, Photocopy, And Mic $160,795.71
Lumber And Building Materials Stores $146,533.74
Stationery,Office Supplies,Printing And $134,425.22
Petroleum And Petroleum Products $130,383.77
Transportation Services Not Elsewhere Cl $124,939.64
Durable Goods,Not Elsewhere Classified $123,283.08
Hyatt Hotels $114,097.39
Automotive Parts, Accessories Stores $107,059.23
Professional Services Not Elsewhere Clas $107,018.86
Wholesale Clubs $104,999.76
Stationary, Office And School Supply Sto $102,880.26
Roofing & Siding, Sheet Metal Work $102,131.62
Medical And Dental Laboratories $101,494.91
Auto And Truck Dealers-(New&Used)-Sales, $99,174.08
Quick-Copy And Reproduction Services $98,992.78
Miscellaneous Repair Shops And Related S $91,065.75
Plumbing & Heating Equipment And Supplie $86,729.17
Fast Food Restaurants $84,325.12
Hardware Stores $82,426.00
Charitable And Social Service Organizati $78,951.99
Electrical Contractors $78,522.73
Tent And Awning Shops $77,341.00
Utilities-Elec/Gas/Heat Oil/Sanitary/Wtr $72,273.73
Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning $71,403.90
Cleaning And Maintenance, Janitorial Ser $71,200.51
Miscellaneous General Merchandise Stores $63,057.80
Chemicals And Allied Products Not Eslewh $56,891.28
Glass, Paint, Wallpaper Stores $56,310.34
Automotive Tire Stores $54,467.79
All Other Direct Marketers $52,553.95
Commercial Photography, Art, And Graphic $50,369.30
Automotive Body Repair Shops $49,119.55
Government Services Not Elsewhere Classi $48,571.79
Music Stores-Musical Instruments, Pianos $48,527.94
Computers,Computer Peripheral Equipment, $46,276.81
Equip Rentals & Leasing Services, Tool R $45,626.24
Miscellaneous Automotive Dealers $43,001.09
Discount Stores $42,681.59
Civic, Social And Fraternal Associations $41,426.79
Artist Supply Stores, Craft Shops $39,181.40
Sporting Goods Stores $38,591.31
Construction Materials $38,431.98
Detective Agencies & Protective Agency,A $37,701.55
Furniture, Home Furnishings And Equipmen $36,989.43
Household Appliance Stores $35,749.03
Schools And Educational Services Not Els $31,390.00
Lab/Medical/Dental/Ophthalmic Hospital E $30,280.37
Welding $28,464.50
Non-Durable Goods Not Elsewhere Classifi $27,992.10
Speciality Cleaning,Polishing & Sanitati $27,815.16
Engineering, Architectural And Surveying $26,843.28
Taxicabs/Limousines $26,571.41
Landscape And Horticultural Services $26,407.23
Management, Consulting And Public Relati $25,978.71
Men’S,Womens’And Children’S Uniforms And $25,867.04
Motor Freight Carriers, Truck-Local/Long $25,783.56
Membership Clubs,(Sports,Recreation,Athl $25,638.19
Metal Service Centers And Offices $24,287.94
Hospitals $22,704.14
Floor Covering, Rug And Carpet Stores $21,944.51
Book Stores $21,386.42
Postage Stamps $21,322.57
Florists $21,072.37
Automotive Repair Shops (Non-Dealer) $21,040.82
Hardware Equipment And Supplies $20,225.55
Dry Cleaners $19,371.27
Medical Services & Health Practitioners $18,352.63
Service Stations $18,268.65
Window Covering, Upholstery And Drapery $16,118.41
Continuity/Subscription Merchants $15,783.40
Electrical And Small Appliance Repair Sh $15,377.50
Amusement,Recreation Services (Swimming $15,003.73
Membership Organizations Not Elsewhere C $14,988.00
Theatrical Producers (Except Motion Pict $14,236.87
Comm. Sports, Prof. Sports Clubs,Athleti $13,979.50
Agricultural Cooperatives $12,731.74
Drug Stores, Pharmacies $12,511.78
Photographic Studios $10,923.74
Truck And Utility Trailer Rental $10,358.66
Nurseries, Lawn And Garden Supply Stores $10,337.37
Sewing, Needlework, Fabric And Piece Goo $10,239.16
Telecommunication Equipment Including Te $10,201.55
Homewood Suites $9,695.10
Dairy Products Stores $8,827.73
Computer Network/Information Services $8,718.89
Laundry, Cleaning, And Garment Services $8,504.72
Bakeries $8,178.54
Misc Food Stores-Speciality,Convenience, $8,020.86
Hobby,Toy, And Game Shops $7,902.43
Motor Vehicle Supplies And New Parts $7,736.58
Automobile And Truck Dealers- (Used Only $7,711.76
Tourist Attractions And Exhibits $7,687.90
Lodging, Hotels, Motels, Resorts $7,246.43
Computer And Data Processing Services $6,939.03
Department Stores $6,886.53
Computer Software Stores $6,407.42
News Dealers And Newsstands $5,020.16
Books,Periodicals And Newspapers $4,965.27
Real Estate Agents And Managers-Rentals $4,766.75
Glassware And Crystal Stores $4,751.29
Public Warehousing-Farm Prod,Refridgerat $4,614.88
Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Repai $4,601.57
Drinking Places (Alcoholic Bev.)-Bars,Ta $4,361.69
Variety Stores $4,308.06
Radio, Television And Stereo Repair Shop $4,076.31
Gift, Card, Novelty, And Souvenir Shops $3,595.40
Jewelry Stores-Watches, Clockes, And Sil $2,654.78
Vocational And Trade Schools $2,386.40
Hilton $2,236.97
Correspondence Schools $2,159.19
Art Dealers And Galleries $2,092.70
Courier Services-Air Or Ground,Freight F $2,042.02
Towing Services $1,946.61
Amusement Parks, Circuses, Carnivals, Fo $1,916.09
Swimming Pools-Sales And Supplies $1,881.27
Travel Agencies $1,868.59
Camera And Photographic Supply Stores $1,853.27
Doctors, Physicians $1,705.00
Precious Stones And Metals, Watches & Je $1,625.15
Health And Beauty Spas $1,576.88
Automobile Parking Lots And Garages $1,558.08
Billiard And Pool Establishments $1,380.81
Clothing Rental-Costumes/Uniforms $1,364.24
Tailors, Seamstress, Mending, Alteration $1,213.32
Family Clothing Stores $1,129.06
Hyatt Place $1,029.60
Contractors, Concrete Work $985.56
Reupholstery And Furniture Repair, Furni $938.97
Used Merchandise Stores, Second Hand Sto $886.84
Miscellaneous House Furnishing Specialit $870.07
Elementary And Secondary Schools $791.00
Motion Picture & Video Tape Production & $750.31
Motion Picture Theaters $683.00
Recreational And Utility Trailer, Camper $655.59
Computer Maintenance,Repair & Services N $614.37
Car Washes $570.99
Photofinishing Laboratories, Photo Devel $551.50
Comfort Inns $542.55
Men’S And Women’S Clothing Stores $454.91
Doubletree $452.65
Masonry,Stonework,Tile Setting,Plasterin $450.00
Disinfecting And Exterminating Services $439.73
Men’S And Boys’ Clothing And Accessories $420.00
Bowling Alleys $408.49
Record Shops $381.96
Sleep Inn $381.91
Opticians $375.00
Video Game Arcades/Establishments $323.79
Optometrists, Opthamologists $316.04
Package Stores, Beer, Liquor $293.40
Golf Courses-Public $216.25
Bicycle Shops-Sales And Service $215.00
Paints,Varnishes And Supplies $202.24
Holiday Inns $196.26
Combination Catalog And Retail Merchant $190.51
Aquariums, Seaquariums And Dolphinariums $141.00
Trailer Parks And Campgrounds $135.99
Pet Shops-Pet Food And Supply Stores $128.79
Orthopedic Goods-Artificial Limb Stores $118.25
Insurance-Sales & Underwriting $100.00
Antique Shops $97.27
Shoe Stores $84.11
Pawn Shops $72.98
Counseling Service-Debt, Marriage, Perso $50.00
Days Inns $26.62
Court Costs Including Alimony And Child $25.00
Women’S Ready To Wear Stores $25.00
Cosmetic Stores $20.87